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Hello, my name is Joseph A. Laydon Jr., author and owner of 32 Survival Expert Kindle E-Books that include well over 3,387+ international survival tricks, survival tips, survival techniques and survival applications.  These are my own original ”intensely researched” books.  NO inferior ghost writing here as with many other e-books.  I’ve been “intensely researching”, developing and writing since 1991.  I am currently publishing Kindle E-Books and Paperback Books.  My goal was to publish at least 20 Kindle E-Books so you’re ready Anytime Anywhere!  And I’ve met my goal and surpassed it so You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!!!!  And more E-Books are in the works.  Here are the 32 Kindle E-Books with more than 3,387+ international survival tricks, survival tips, survival techniques and survival applications waiting for you right now.

The link above [KINDLE BOOKS] will take you to my 32 published Kindle Books.  Also included with each published Kindle E-Book, you get the “Stats” – a detailed description of each Kindle E-Book so you know EXACTLY what you’re getting.  Better yet, I made a Video for you for each Kindle Book so you can make a better buying decision so to INSURE you’re ready Anytime Anywhere!

  No matter your environment, no matter the potential threat against you, no matter what Mother Nature and all She possesses throws at you, no matter your personal circumstance, no matter your own outlook on life,… these Survival Expert Kindle E-Books will give you hope, knowledge and the survival ammunition to take on the fight and survive Anytime Anywhere!  This huge amount of international survival data was initially researched, gathered, tested,… starting back in 1991.  I started out with international Wilderness Survival and in the mid-1990s, Health Survival, Crime Survival and Money Survival were added to greatly compliment the already hefty Survival Program.

So for more than 21-years, this constantly growing Survival Program has evolved into the 60-pound 2012 Ultra-Advanced Anytime Anywhere Survival Program TOTAL Package (2012 U-AAAASPTP)!  And with all this constant improvement for SUPERIOR Survival Programs, Products,…  I offer you my current 31 Kindle E-Books that will academically give you far more survival skills than if you attended any 05 military or civilian survival courses combined.  And more are coming each month. Go to the Kindle E-Books link above to check-out all my 32 Kindle E-Books now.

PS  Thanks for wisely dropping by this website and what’s waiting for you will greatly greatly enhance your everyday self-reliance Anytime Anywhere! 

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