Frequently Asked Questions

01) What is IRISAP?         

IRISAP stands for Intensive Research Information Services And Products.  I started writing in 1991 but IRISAP was founded later in 1994 by the owner – Joseph A. Laydon Jr.  Since 1994 to the present, “intensive research” is conducted in the fields of Wilderness, Health, Crime and Money Survivals so YOU can better take care of YOU and yours without totally relying on others.

02) Who is the original author of all the Survival Expert E-Books?         

Joseph started writing back in 1991 and he’s been at it to the present day.  All the Survival Expert E-Books are from all his own “intensive research” over the last 20+ years.  NO GHOST WRITERS ALLOWED!!!  The Survival Expert E-Books are reorganized and taken from the 60-pound 2012 Ultra-Advanced Anytime Anywhere Survival Program TOTAL Package (2012 U-AAASPTP).

03) Where did all the Survival Expert Kindle Books come from?         

There is so much survival data in my Survival Programs, the Survival Expert Kindle Books are reorganized from his Anytime Anywhere Survival Program, Special Reports, Special Intelligence Reports, 46 Newsletters,…

04) What are the areas covered by the Survival Expert E-Books?         

In general the Survival Expert Kindle Books cover Wilderness, Health, Crime and Money Survivals.  All these Survivals are constant threats to you each and every day.  Listen, when it comes to Mother Nature and all She possesses, nobody is totally safe.  You’ll learn more international wilderness survival than you could ever learn in any 20 very costly outdoor survival schools including all the US Army military SERE Courses combined.  And MOST IMPORTANT, you’re learning from the REAL SURVIVORS throughout the globe and throughout recorded history and even prehistoric times.

And Health Survival, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Americans die each year from heart disease, many cancers, diseases, afflictions, maladies,…  Why?  America is suppose to have the most advanced health care system in the world.  You’ll learn THOUSANDS of alternative healthcare facts and tricks being used all over the world to fight and defeat heart disease, many cancers, diseases, afflictions, maladies,…

And Crime Survival – here’s a fact, just about every single American has been a victim of some sort of crime from low-life telemarketers selling their worthless crap to serious crimes of assault, mugging, rape, murder,… by the coward scum of the Earth.  You’ll learn about scams & schemes so you’re not a victim – you’ll see it comimg.  Plus you’ll learn how to defend yourself in your own home.

And Money Survival.  I’ll point you to the TRUE money-making GURUS that want to help you in your current business or for you beginners – start your own small business.  And get this, most of these guys and gals will GIVE YOU FREE stuff like Newsletters, Podcasts (free audios), Videos,…  I’ve listened and viewed hundreds of hours of Videos & Podcasts, received hundreds of Newsletters,… all for FREE.  And I learned a lot which helped me get my own business going online and offline!!!!

05) Can you give me more details what the Survival Kindle Books are all about?         

Each Survival Expert Kindle Book comes with “Stats” (statistics) and a detailed description so you know EXACTLY what you’re getting.  Each Kindle Book also has a short Video so you can see EXACTLY what you’re getting.  Joseph will show the HUGE Table of Contents in each Kindle Book and talk about each Kindle Book so you can get a better understanding of the BENEFITS of each E-Book.  Plus when you go to Amazon, you’ll see a description of each Kindle Book and the small price is listed too.

06) Do I need anything special to get these Ebooks?         

These Kindle Books can be downloaded on any cell phone, any Ipad, any computer,…  All you need to do is download a FREE Kindle Reader.  And you’ll also need your own Amazon account since all these Kindle Books are sold by Amazon.

07) How do I sign-up for an Amazon Account?

Just go to this   Once you get to Amazon look for the “SIGN IN” tab.  Click the “SIGN IN” tab and it will take you to another webpage where you’ll type-in your email address.  Click “NO I AM A NEW SUBSCRIBER” and just follow the remaining few directions.

08) How do I sign-up for Prime so I can get all of Joseph’s Kindle Books for FREE?

I am a member of Amazon Prime and I really like it cause I’m always saving money when I order stuff on Amazon.  Since all my Kindle Books!  To sign-up for an Amazon Prime Membership, simply look for the “PRIME” tab and click it.  It will take you through a few simple directions and that’s it.  YOU MUST READ ABOUT ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF BEING AN AMAZON PRIME MEMBER.  All the savings you’ll make it will pay for your Amazon Prime Membership over and over again.

09) OK OK I’m interested.  How do I get these Survival Expert Kindle Books that I want and need?

Simply CLICK on the “link” above [KINDLE BOOKS] and scroll down to the EBook you want and “click” the link for each Survival Expert Kindle Book you want and it will take you directly to Amazon to make a purchase or borrow.  Simply follow their instructions and in a short few seconds you’ll have your Kindle Book (your specific choice[s]) downloaded to your computer, Ipad, Smart phone. That’s all there is to it.

PS   Tell your friends about all my EBooks  and I hope you REVIEW each book with some positive comments and multiple STARS!  Thank you for wisely visiting my website.  See you soon in all my Kindle Books.

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