Testimonials From Very Satisfied Survival Customers Who Want Nothing But The Best So To Be Ready Anytime Anywhere!  The following Testimonials are my customers who purchased the hard copy (not digital) Survival Programs.

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Your program is so good it should be required reading for all the elite units of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Govt. law enforcement agencys. Worth every damn penny if only for the peace of mind. I have several gurus, Tom Brown, Chris Janowsky, Ron Hood, Don Paul, and now Joseph A. Laydon Jr.” —–Sidney D.E., MA – 29 Dec. 1999″


“Mr. Joseph A. Laydon Jr. has provided a service that very few people can measure up to. I especially like the innovative tech. on firestarting, and weather forecasting. Mr. Joseph A. Laydon Jr. takes a personal interest in each and every customer to fullfill the satisfaction that is guaranteed. Mr. Laydon has an expert background and is displayed in his writings repeatedly. Thanks Joseph, you are truely wise and blessed.”—–Victor W., Kansas – 30 Dec. 2000


“Yes, I’ve been interested in survival for many years and have attended several survival schools including the reknowned Tom Brown Jr. & recently, a 2 day session with Cody Lundin & Joe Laydon’s Program is even more thorough & neither Tom & Cody are no slouches in the field … found his self-defence techniques practical … if Mr. Laydon makes a promise regarding IRISAP you can count on him to come through… his fire-starting … far exceed any previous training I’ve had.—–Jerome A. M., Arizona – 26 Dec. 2000


“I wish I had the survival info when I was driving a tank thru Germany in ‘45. You have a wide ranging & inquisitive mind & God-given ability to be able to present your information in a clear, down-to-Earth manner. I know of no other newsletter that gives anything back to their subscribers. You are unique force for good & the world could sure use a lot more like you!”—–Pete P., Illinois – 12 Feb. 2000


“Very well done… I like the whole package. The wilderness info. is my personal favorite. Your survival (wilderness) info. will save lives if used. Anyone who explores off the path should practice these techniques.”—–Tom W., Ohio – 16 Dec. 1999


“A terrific amount of information like never seen before. I feel this information could save someone’s life…”—–William E. S., Minnesota – 08 Feb. 2000


Best firestarting technique when one is stuck… Thanks for the _____, I wasn’t expecting that – nice suprise… The references (POCs) are very good.”—–Charles L., Colorado – 31 Jan. 2000


“Yes, very organized! It’s so lengthy, it’s hard to find time to view it. I can’t wait to see and read it all.”—–Brian H. W., Texas – 14 Apr. 2000


“The package is well thought out and put together quite well. Your package is so well put togerther I don’t think I could come up with an answer at this time.”—–Gene H. S., Washington – 12 Jul. 2000


“Very well organized. I had no problems what so ever. The compass work was invaluable! Your advanced fire starting techniques … important lessons. Plenty in wilderness…”—–J. S., South Carolina – 29 Dec. 2000


“Over many years I have subscribed to a slew of newsletters, mainly health and financial. I always read yours first because of the varied content. You have managed to take difficult subjects & make them clear & enjoyable to learn. You are doing a great job as is.”—–Pete P., Illinois – 04 Jan. 2001


“The videos are done well. I have other videos but the producers never provide a table of contents so you can locate the desired info without fast forwarding through the tape. Lots and lots of practical info. Sometimes too much but this is good because a person can select what is best for himself. The POCs are plentiful.”—–Larry L., Wisconsin – 06 Jan. 2001


“Joe, your package is clear, concise, informative, broad based, complete with… The combination of pencil illustration, videos, and text plus step by step info on the development stage, trial and error, tips for safe application and most important prevention tips at the outset are invaluable. Many books, periodicals, catalogs, are already in my personal library, However, in comparison, the totality of information you provide on topics as… is vastly superior. Many thanks, God Bless.”—–Thomas K., Nevada – 04 Jan. 2001


“The wilderness survival package have taught me alot more than what I expected to learn. There is information for the beginner to the well train. I know this information will not only save my families life but many other who will gain skills need to survive when they are most needed.—–Bill T., Oregon – 03 Jan. 2001


“I’ve read alot of other info (books etc) before being a subscriber to IRISAP. But alot of things are outdated (even dangerous). The things I will continue to learn from IRISAP are relatively inexpensive, useful – practical and it’s damn good insurance policy for life.—–Paul S., Pennsylvania – 06 Jan. 2001


“I don’t think I’ve ever received more value for my $. All was well organized and put together as advertised. Continual info being provided every month with a wealth of info that overloads the mind with its detail and amount of subjects. I like the fire-starting techniques taught. Spend the small amount it takes to receive this wealth of info that may just save your life or at least make it more pleasant in a survival situation – which can happen at Anytime Anywhere!—–Allan C., Oklahoma – 08 Jun. 2001


“Yes, simply outstanding. This really is a Total Package – professional. The problem with other programs is amatures training amatures = amatures. Not so with the Anytime Anywhere Survival Program TOTAL Package (AASPTP). If you want to get past the fantasy & Walter Mitty crap & learn the real life down & dirty survival info this one is it (U-AAASPTP). The survival & fire starting tricks is priceless.—–Scott H., Oklahoma – 24 Jan. 2001


“There’s so much information – I’m still pouring through it with an eagle’s eye. It would take many thousands of dollar to buy the books that held an equivalent amount of information; and a great deal of one’s own time would have to be spent seeking out & distilling these wilderness, health, money, and crime survival principles. To be truthful – there’s so much information; it will take a year to 15 months. The wealth of life saving’s information contained within Joseph A. Laydon Jr.’s Anytime Anywhere Survival Newsletters & the TOTAL Package is the most valuable source of exceptionally explicit, precise, & complete information for any person anywhere on earth…—–Heath S., California – 22 Aug. 2001


“The AASPTP is very well organized and easy to follow. All the Packages contain a lot of specific information that you can use easily. I enjoyed the videos and think that it is best to explain something visually rather than in print. I have found the survival information survival in the winter very informative… I’ve even required my two teen age daughters to read it, as they drive in the snow and drive up here in Minnesota.—–James R. D., Minnesota – 24 Aug. 2001


“Your organization was exemplary. This is indeed the best course I have ever spent any money on, and I have bought many. If this material was taught to all military personal we would be unstoppable. RAMBO WISHES HE HAD YOU AS A TEACHER. Your newsletters let me feel like I am in class, even while on a train, plain, or bus. Your videos are the next best thing if one is not physically there. Every American needs to know this material.—–Richard L. E., Boston – 06 Sep. 2001


“A lot of material, well packaged. Very interesting and complete. Like you advise, needs to be read over 3 or 4 times. A full time occupation. You give valuable info on all points. Don’t know how they (videos – 36+ hours) could have been made better.—–LeRoy K.R., Pennslyvania – 25 Oct. 2001


“Videos… very informative, I like how you show specifically how to do something. That’s a lot of information. Newsletters – EXCELLENT. I especially like the stories and survival tips from frontiersman, Indians, etc. It is nice when you buy something and it is what you expected or more. I definitely got my moneys worth and then some. I have been an outdoorsman since I was 14 and you helped me understand some concepts I have struggled with for years. Thank again.—–Ray S., Arizona – 13 Nov. 2001


“OUTSTANDING wilderness info having lived in Alaska, Congo, Rhodesia, and Mindino – DO NOT LEAVE HOME without this info – (also desert south west). Very nice I like best survival secrets of indians – critters and pioneers – well researched. Excellent on Green Beret fits in w/world events of today. I debated w/myself to buy 2 British Sovereigns (uncirculated) or to buy 2001 Survival Guide – SG won – INFORMATION… BETTER THAN GOLD—–Richard L.H., Nevada – 26 Nov. 2001


“Your news letters are great for a lot of information. I like the fact you also give other sorces of information to look up. I LIKE IT AND FEEL MORE PREPARED just knowing I have your program. Thank you so much.—–Connie R. O., Colorado – 20 Dec. 2001


“The information was incredible. I especially liked the info on Texas Rangers, famous frontiersman, prison escapes,… YOUR SKILLS THAT YOU TEACH ARE IN MANY WAYS MORE RELIABLE… and add a greater depth – examples – firestarting tinders, navigation. Excellent info – some things just aren’t properly grasped from a book. I think the fire-starting stuff is awesome! The information is really neat & useful if you were hiking, camping, boating, in any kind of accident, wanted to PREVENT an accident. I’ll put it this way – these reports made checking the mail FUN FOR A CHANGE. —–Greg D. S., Colorado – 30 Mar. 2002


“Yes, not only did I learn a great deal pertaining to survival but am currently continueing to study… I’m amazed at the vast verity of subjects covered and the depth that has gone into program research and preparation. Thanks! It isn’t something to blink your eye at because virtually so many subjects and scenerios are covered…—–Dennis M., Washington – 23 Oct. 2002


“I’m part Cherokee, and the indian and mountain men articles are excellent. I run hundreds of miles of wilderness traplines and hunting every year. I thought I was an avid survivalist and in many aspects was, but I TRUELY WAS AN AMATUER UNTIL I BECAME AN IRISAP SUBSCRIBER. IRISAP IS SUPERIOR TO ANYTHING I’VE SEEN. This Program can be explained as – all other programs I’ve studied or tried was a 1st or 2nd grade elementary class and the PAWS PROGRAM IS LIKE GOING TO COLLEGE CLASSES…

The organization of the program could be described as a very intense and professional executed job done with extreme perfection and pride. Everything was perfectly packaged, labeled, and boxed. This Program is so complete and intense its unbelieveable. The Special Reports were just that SPECIAL! I learned things I never new existed. I enjoyed them all but really liked the Mind-Over-Matter Programs. You’re a professional Mr. Laydon. Thanks for sharing your life with me.—–Billy S., Oklahoma – 18 Nov. 2002


“Yes. I have to say, THIS IS THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. Since I’ve subscribed, there’s been wonderful, interesting things coming in my mailbox all the time. And you’ve never tried to sell me more items or ask for any more money for anything – you just keep sending more information & newsletters & updates, etc. You always keep in touch me with your subscribers in a friendly, professional manner. You make yourself accessible to us so we don’t feel stuck out in left field if we have a question, or need to talk to you.

You say that nature has 100 ways she can kill you BUT she offers 1000 ways to try to help you. I like that – it’s practical and true. Plus you share so many ways, and you know what works & what doesn’t. And you let us know what doesn’t work to keep us out of trouble & from wasting our time. Even the first basic fire starting video I learned more about different tenders & techniques than I knew from anywhere else. It was very good to see the actual procedures & necessary items in a video, too. It leaves a more of a lasting visual image to remember. However, I always like written material to have & to look at anytime anywhere (even without electricity!), so I’m glad everything in the videos is backed up by printed material w/pictures & instructions. I especially liked information on the blow guns (written & video). … they’re quiet and can be deadly.

Your information is so clear & practical & useful. I can make one myself. I’ve contacted many POCs you listed … and they promptly sent me their literature. Good stuff.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the walkie-talkies… I went hunting (deer) with a friend this past fall & we took them along. They worked great! Even though there was no urgent survival need they really made life better out there by being able to communicate several hills away without having to trudge back & forth… And when a shot was fired, we could communicate what happened right away! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of usig these before! Thank you Joseph!—–Marla U., West Virginia – 03 June 2003


“There’s so much info here … it never ends. Your R&D study and experience is truly amazing. All of it is ingenious. The beam of light (from flashlight for nighttime emergency fire-starting,…). THERE IS NO PROGRAM ON EARTH THAT EVEN COMES CLOSE TO YOURS. I greatly appreciate all of it!! All of your newsletters are invaluable to survival possibilities. Great work. Indeed the videos and newsletters are extremely detailed and revealing. It was hard to believe that there are so many ways to make heat and light (fire-starting). You’ve proved that a person can always have a life saving fire.

Really enjoyed the live demonstrations of the super poweful blow guns, who would of thought of using ______. They are a great powerful tool. Your SERE notes on psychological stress and all of its factors was very good to know about and be aware of. Very few books or videos or courses I am aware of deal with the stress factor of survival yet it is always present. Isolation and dog evasion were also good points to ponder.

THIS IS THE MOST COMPLETE SURVIVAL PROGRAM THAT I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED AS A WHOLE. I especially like the vast variety of subjects on aboriginal and world wide survival! and actual methods used by people that found themselves in situations not of their choosing. That’s what survival is all about. The ability to adapt and function under any condition or circumstance. Thank you for this work.

I have encouraged others to receive your PAWS Program but how and when they respond is up to them of course. I DO VOLUNTEER SEARCH AND RESCUE AND THIS TRAINING IS INVALUABLE TO ME AND HAS HELPED INSTILL MORE CONFIDENCE IN MY ABILITIES TO PERFORM MY TASKS AND RETURN SAFELY.—–Dennis M., Arkansas – 01 November 2003

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